We condemn the Senseless Killings in Nigeria

As sacred as human life, Nigeria has suddenly been turned into an area of land in which the existence of killing fields causes no sleepless nights for the so-called rulers running its affairs, still less putting an effort to contain the existential menace and nuisance bedevilling it. Why should they be troubled by what their connivance in its blatant occurrence continue to transpire in an outrageous manner?

The North, in particular, is now either an internment camp or a burial ground; hardly the sun sets or the dawn breaks without the unpleasant tidings of a massive loss of life making the rounds. From Boko-Haram in northeast to banditry in northwest to kidnapping and cattle rustling in the North Central. The perpetrators get into a village or town, destroy things and steal property without even thinking of getting punished, or having a feeling of guilt at all, about their misdeeds. They wreak whatever havoc of which they had thought in cold blood and with impunity.

Many a city in the North today has a lot of displaced persons with several schools and uncompleted buildings as camps in which they live in rags and as mendicants. What happens to the refugees destroyed and burnt villages? This is such a question that keeps on begging for answer, and it is not far-fetched for those who are reasonable enough to give an attentive listening ear to what the oppressively imprisoned leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem el-Zakzaky, exposed almost eight years ago, a video clip is on-going round the social media. It is a case of America’s hidden agenda. Already in the open, they create a state of complete confusion and disorder wherever something interested them, and in our own case here in Nigeria they want to pillage mineral resources.

In 2013, the Sheikh made known the culprits behind the senseless killings and criminalities in the North in collusion with some unfocused and conscienceless Nigerians, and thus brought to light their evil plots and targets. The tremendous amount of mineral deposits beneath northern earth is what attracted them: there are some gold reserves in Zamfara, gold reserves and other precious stones between Zaria and Birnin Gwari, and the trio of uranium, gold and platinum reserves from Sokoto to Borno.

If they do not sack the villages in which these reserves are embedded, will they be able to garrison soldiers and start airlifting of the minerals just like that? Therefore, to get what they aim at, they have to displace the persons therein, and this is why Boko-Haram, banditry and kidnapping continue to thrive and keep pestering the areas.

We continue to demand the immediate and unconditional release of this farsighted leader and his wife, both of whom have been in detention for almost five years running.

Abdullahi Muhammad Musa
For the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria

17 June, 2020

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