Let Voice Out Against Oppressors II. – Youngest Activist

Let Voice Out Against Oppressors II.

– Gboy Abdulmumeen Salis Youngest Activist

Sheikh El-Zakzaky and Muslima Zeenah continued to be held in illegal detention against a Court verdict that ordered their release and described their detention as unconstitutional.America has arrogantly made Sheikh Zakzaky their sworn enemy.

The 2015 Zaria Massacre and the role played by them will always remain enough evidence of whose order Nigerian govt is following on how to eliminate Sheikh Zakzaky. This remains clear, that Kaduna State govt charges Sheikh Zakzaky to court against a superior court order remains their tactics to see Sheikh Zakzaky dead in their depleted penitentiary prison. How can a person whose thousands of followers were burned, simmered, and mass graved including his three sons be charged with homicide at the same time? Nigerian people are suffering, dying due to the imported hardship imposed on them and the Covid-19 pandemic.

As such, think of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife who were detained for over 4 years in illegal detention with the riddled body of unremoved ammunitions.




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