Kaduna: Court Invites Prison Boss over Shaikh Zakzaky Trial

By Abdulmumeen Salis And Adam Abubakar Rogo 24/02/2020

Below are some of the update from the Federal High Court Hello family members.

Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H)

Today God has brought us back to the Kaduna State High Court to continue the case that the Kaduna State Government has taken on the leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife. Government lawyers and Sheikh Zakzaky are now in court.

Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Malam Zeenat arrived in court. Pending the trial of the judge is pending.Update;The judge arrive at the court. It is called the Lawyers Advocate introduced themselves. Batada Sadau Garba sought the court’s approval of Abubakar Marshall to lead the session. The judge agreed.Abubakar Marshall has told the court that Femi Falana SAN he did not attend the court. He also apologized to the court for this.

Abubakar Marshall told the court that in her previous session she had ordered the Jail House to allow the Teacher’s Doctors to look at them. The Jail family refused to do so despite being issued a warrant.Update; He said the court’s ruling stated that the order issued by the court did not enable doctors to employ Mallam. The court also means that their doctors should look at the Mallam with eyes.

He told the court that from that day to date, no further work has been done to the victims in relation to their sick leave. He said they really need an urgent call from their doctors. He disclosed that on Friday, the disciples of the Muslim People held a banquet at the House to condemn the behavior of the Board.

This has forced the Nigerian Gift Commission to let their blood be leaked to the teacher for Text.Abubakar Marshall told the court that both the teacher and his wife have the right to have their doctors checked by their doctor.

He said all efforts to reach out to the teacher were rejected because the Prison board failed to comply with the court order.

He said that his teacher had already lost 200.

Update; So he appealed to the courts to compel the Prison Board to allow their doctors and Mallam to work for them. He said that because of the order issued by the court, he said that the Doctor’s should come to see him and not go back to work for him.He urged the court to remand the application for their doctors to serve. He said that now Mallama Zeenat was bleeding on her nose and mouth. He said this proves that the defendants are in serious condition.

He said the victim needed urgent help from his doctors.Update; The government’s lawyer, Bayero Dari, stated that they had followed court orders. Because the Jail had requested that they be given the names of the doctors to come and were given by the Sadau Garba chamber.

The Prison Board has written to the government, if they have given one physician.

Doctors became four. The 3 teachers are from the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital and 1 from Kaduna State.And all 4 of them went to look at the defendants.

Dari stated that he had all the documentation confirming what he had said.He said if the problem was that the Teacher’s Doctors had to go to the hospital, they should be taken to a hospital for review.

The Board of Prison denied this. If they say that everything must be done in the House.

Update; The judge said he was unhappy with how the case was not handled. he said there was no way to prevent the victim being taken care of.Update; He said the prison boss must address the issue.

And he asked Abubakar Marshall whether he would return to Abuja or stay in Kaduna? Marshall said he would stay Kaduna to address the issue.Update; He said the prison boss must address the issue. And he asked Abubakar Marshall whether he would return to Abuja or stay in Kaduna? Marshall said he would stay Kaduna to address the issue.Update;The judge sent a call to the prison boss to come and tell him the reason why he didn’t not following the court order.Update; The court adjourned until 12:00pm

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